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Meal Prep Franchise, Meal Assembly Franchise Opportunities

Why this Food Franchise Category?

Simple - today's family has less time to prepare meals -That is what is fueling this meals assembly market. For customers who enjoy a home cooked meal without all the shopping & chopping and tired of fast food and take out pizza - this is the solution. Fresh home style cooked meals from their local meal assembly business provided by the meal prep franchise industry.

Customers simply call ahead and place their order and have the option of assembling the meals or have them ready for pickup. The meals are prepped, built and conveniently packaged for the customer to use immediately and/or freeze for use later.

Meal Prep Business and Meal Assembly Business - Franchise Industry Statistics

According to The Easy Meal Prep (Business) Association (EMPA)Industry revenue has risen from $7.2 million US in 2003 and EMPA projections call for revenues to soar to $504 million in 2007.

Terms & Players in the industry.

Meal Prep Franchise, Meal Assembly Franchise Opportunity Reviews. Includes Meal Prep Business Opportunities, Meal Assembly Business Opportunities. Meal Prep Business, Meal Assembly Business and along with some of the options available in Meal Prep Business, Meal Prep Franchise Opportunity and Meal Assembly Franchise Opportunity models.

Listing of Top Meal Prep Business and Meal Assembly Business - Franchise Opportunities

Quick list of Top Ranked Meal Prep Business and Meal Assembly Business - Franchise Opportunities. From the industry veterans like Super Suppers, Dream Dinners and newer exciting players like Entrees Made Easy Meal Assembly Franchise marketing driven Make & Take Gourmet and The Dinner A'Fare Meal Prep Franchises. Exciting BIG brand that is throwing their hat in the ring, Mr. Food no-fuss Meals. Yes - the famous Mr. Food, aired on 130 Television Affiliate Daily, the Mr. Food we all know and love. Could this be a brilliant way for them to have instant brand recognition? This is one to watch, could be a high flyer. Not seem too much about Let's Dish. Wonder what is happening to them?

master franchise,regional development,area development

Some meal prep business options offer a Master Franchise, Regional Development and Area Development territories. See chart below.

Why so many terms? See below:

Terms to clarify

This industry has been identified by several terms, meal prep business, meal assembly business, meal prep franchise, meal assembly franchise, meal pick-up business, meal pick-up franchise, make and take meals and some others. By the way, some also refer to it a as kitchen, for example, meal assembly kitchen. That being said -the service that a meal creation business, figured I would create another term, are providing is the ability to have home cooked style meals assembled and/or prepared, and picked up or delivered. Hence the "make and take meals" terminology.

The way the clients orders their meals, varies, for example, the clients can schedule a time at the meal prep business, meal assembly business, meal assembly franchise or meal prep franchise, there the client assembles the meals and then takes them home. Some meal prep business's pride themselves on the quality of meal preparation versus a meal assembly. Both models seem to be growing, the one with the best food and go to market strategy may be the winner. In some meal prep business models (not excluding the meal assembly business) you can by pass the actual meal prep and schedule to have your meals for a meal pick-up business option.

And then there is also the meal delivery business. Review the various meal prep business and meal prep franchise options and choose the one best for you. Request more detailed information on any of the meal prep franchise options. If you need help, you have free franchise advice, see link at bottom of all the report pages, available from a network for franchise consultants. Start meal prep kitchen.

To learn more about your options in finding your piece of the pie, browse the meal assembly review directory of franchisors offering this service.

Franchise Franchise Fee Total Investment Royalties Locations View Details
Entrees Made Easy $30,000 $152,800 - $271,700 5% 31 View Details
Entree Vous $35,000 $180,000 - $210,000 5% 27 View Details
Cena To Go $25,000 $126,600 - $180,800 5% 24 View Details
Make & Take Gourmet $35,000 $260,000 - $340,000 5% 14 View Details
Supper Thyme $35,000 $140,000-$240,000 6% 39 View Details
mealMakers $35,000 $260,000 - $340,000 5% 70 View Details
The Dinner A'Fare $35,000 $85,500 - $187,300 5% 23 View Details
My Girlfriends Kitchen $35,000 $233,000 - $384,000 5% 53 View Details
Mr. Food       no-fuss Meals $35,000 $241,000 - $360,000 6% 18 View Details

master franchise,regional development,area development,master franchise opportunity,master franchise specialist Some meal prep business options offer a Master Franchise, Regional Development and Area Development territories. See chart above.

"Listen to those who have been down the path you are about to go down, you may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have when you work as a team." Natalie Nutter

meal prep business,meal assembly business,meal prep franchise,meal assembly franchise,meal pick up business

"Nothing can replace good research and expert advice in investigating any franchise offering. Smart investors realize they don't always know, what they don't know." Natalie Nutter

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