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At the age of 17, Ms. Nutter started her first small business and has since founded, owned or managed over 7 different businesses and corporate divisions in 6 different industries over the last 23 years. Ms. Nutter’s real life knowledge of starting successful businesses, allowed her to relay her vast experience as a small business coach and consultant to the franchise industry.

Additionally, Ms. Nutter's coaching and sales experience includes working with Barry Rhein and Associates, a nationally renowned sales trainer and consulting organization with business development.

Natalie has personally coached dozens of franchised and non franchised business owners and managers in improving their sales process and businesses, through education and improving their systems.

Ms. Nutter Co-Founded a Franchise Consulting and Sales Development firm called Mercury Road, LLC, aimed at assisting franchisors in attracting qualified, motivated and informed investors and franchisees. She has worked closely with countless individuals who are seeking to find a better life style and create a better future by assisting them in the early stages of owning their own franchised business.

While having access to hundreds of franchise concepts, Natalie has a keen ability to identify up and coming growth industries. Ms. Nutter has chosen to focus on the Meal Assembly Business Franchise industry because of the appeal to such a wide, fast growing consumer segment. The exciting growth opportunities combined with a sometimes under informed franchise investor, makes Meal Assembly Business Franchise Review an invaluable resource tool to any serious person or group planning to make an investment in a meal prep business or meal assembly business franchise opportunities.

"That’s why we founded the "Meal Assembly Franchise Review" , also known as Meal Prep Business or Meal Assembly Business, Meal Pick up Business. Meal Assembly Franchise Review is providing access to a team offering the ability to compare the franchise models on a variety of levels. So investors can make an informed decision, before committing to any one company or brand, based solely on the claims of the franchisor."Natalie Nutter, Co-Founder, Meal Assembly Franchise Review

Industry Information

Meal Prep Business - Meal Assembly Business. Industry revenue has risen from $7.2 million US in 2003 to $117 million US last year. EMPA projections for 2006 call for revenues to reach $270 million US and to soar to $504 million in 2007.

Terms Definition

Couple terms to clarify - this industry has been identified by several terms, meal prep business, meal assembly business, meal preparation business, meal prep franchise, meal assembly franchise, meal pick-up business, meal pick-up franchise, and some others. The service that these meal creation business, figured I would create another term, are providing is the ability to have home cooked style meals assembled and/or prepared, and picked up or delivered. The newest - meal facilitation. Have fun in your search for the meal prep business that best fits your lifestyle.

"Nothing can replace good research and expert advice in investigating any franchise offering. Smart investors realize they don't always know, what they don't know." Natalie Nutter

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