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the dinner a'fare meal assembly francihse,meal prep business The Dinner A’Faremakes dinner time less stressful by providing a more convenient way for our customers to create home-cooked meals. In just two hours our customers can create 12 dinners that feature either 1-3 or 4-6 servings each. We pre-slice, dice, and chop everything they need!

Our gourmet studio kitchens are designed with meal assembly stations complete with recipes, fresh ingredients, spices, measuring cups, spoons, and containers. Customers can choose to either come into our kitchen to make their own meals or Dinner A’Fare also offers the option of ordering a Stand-In-Chef, where we make the meals for the customer to just pick up! During the next few weeks these meals will serve to save time, money, and stress because they are already prepared. Customers just follow the provided cooking instructions, and enjoy more time with their families with much less clean up!

What Makes Us Different?

The Dinner A’Fare is leading the way in the meal assembly industry, and it’s no secret what sets us apart: Our Fresh Ingredients.

All of our meats and vegetables are delivered and chopped daily for each customer. Because our customers see each and every ingredient that is added to their meals, they can feel the quality and freshness that goes into each dish that they are serving to their family.

The Dinner A’Fare specializes in fresh meats, such as Black Angus aged beef, hand-cut pork chops and pork loins, fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, London broil, and prime rib roasts, all at the same price as our competitors.

Why The Dinner A'Fare?

the dinner a'fare meal assembly franchise,meal prep business We want our franchisees to be successful! We align ourselves with upscale retail properties, we have an aggressive marketing program which drives an increased volume of customers into your store, and we also offer an extensive training program to assist you with everything you’ll need to know to operate your own successful The Dinner A’Fare studio kitchen. Our studio kitchens are designed for high volume revenue generation. We aren’t your typical “mom and pop” meal assembly franchise. We strive for success and only award franchises to those who share that same drive.

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